A business and storage facility and a Customs Warehouse facility were built on a plot of land with a total area of ​​3,842 m².

The storage facility contains:

  1. Space for storage and wholesale of medicines
  2. Space for administrative affairs of the company
  3. Traffic area around the building
  4. Parking space

Customs warehouse 754 m²

The customs warehouse meets high European standards for the storage of medicines

Continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity and cold rooms for storing goods at + 2° C to + 8° C.
The products in the warehouse are located according to the required storage conditions and output frequency.


Warehouse management and storage of medicines is done in accordance with good storage practice and adopted procedures.

The warehouse meets storage standards: refrigeration, fire-fighting and fire-alarm system, continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity, cold rooms for storing goods at + 2° C to + 8° C.

Products in the warehouse are deposited in accordance with the requirements for storage conditions and shipment frequency schedule.
Ordered products are excluded according to the given method and delivered to customers.



The transport of medicines is performed in accordance with the officially adopted procedures and instructions.
Dispatch of medicines is done by our own vehicles, according to a pre-determined schedule for certain areas, while respecting the “Guidelines of keeping medicines in transport”.

Medimpex d.o.o. Sarajevo has its own vehicle with a volume of 2 m³ to 30 m³ of the refrigerator type, with 20 light delivery vehicles.


The company has implemented a business information system for running small and medium enterprises.

It is made modular so that each module can be used as a standalone application, while being connected to wholesale, retail, consignment, production, finance, services, etc.